Gonna give this one more go

OH HAI! How are you?

Call me Kahlil. I’m a student with a decent but grind-ey job in a warehouse, where no one really tries as hard as they should but it all works out ok in the end. I like watching TV and movies, listening to music, reading books and comics, playing video games, and learning about new things. I also like chatting with people, but only people I like. Yes, I’m picky, but you probably already know that.

See, I figure if you’re reading this, I probably already know you online or in person. If you know me in real life (only one or two of you), welcome! You’ve discovered a place where you’ll learn many new things about me, most of which will bemuse and terrify you.

If followed me here from other parts of the web, welcome! This will be more of what you probably have come to expect from me.

I tend to be very reserved in person, and try not to shove my foot too far down my throat at any one time. As a result, I usually have a lot I don’t say to the people I care about. This blog should be a reasonable place to articulate those things properly, without the pressure and fears I might otherwise allow to stop me. If you think something I write here is about you, there’s a decent chance you’re right. DO NOT be afraid to ask me directly about something I write here, I will answer and honestly.


Most of you don’t know this, but I’ve tried to do a blog about five times before. I’ve done a life blog (died almost on arrival), a gaming blog (went for a few months pretty ok), even a marketing blog! For whatever reason, it just never worked out. I dunno why, I just couldn’t do it for more than a few months at a time.

This time feels different.

It feels like something has changed in my life and I’ll actually have stuff to say on a semi-frequent basis. What’s changed? Not entirely sure. A bunch of stuff is falling apart, but other stuff is working out just fine. As usual, life is a mixed bag. The point is, I feel like I can really do this now, so I’m gonna try again.


My goal for this blog doesn’t exist. I don’t have a specific subject or field, I’m just gonna write about whatever. A lot of it will probably be ranting about my life or raving about some thing I think is awesome (at least one forthcoming). Some of it might be reviews, some aspirational writing, some might be straight up fiction writing that has nothing to do with my life (directly). No matter what, it’ll be messy and honest.

Also, the format is guaranteed to shift frequently. Right now I’m just kinda going conversationally, in a stream-of-consciousness kinda way, but other posts might be lists, or horribly disorganized or any number of other things. Just go with it, or don’t, you don’t have to read anything you don’t want to. It’s gonna be crazy in here.


Thanks for reading this far (if you did, if not…sadness), I’ll probably be back this same day with some other thing I’m up to. Right now I’m waiting between classes and will be playing something on Switch, or listening to music, or some such, so that might be the next thing I post about. Or I could start ranting!

Regardless, thanks so much for putting up with me

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