Anime openings but in ENGLISH

OK SO I figured out what to make the next post. Yay me! I figured we should start light, with something generally enjoyable and not, you know, depressing ridiculousness. (There’ll be plenty of that later)

You like anime, right? Eh? No? Oh…well that’s ok. You might still like this, since it’s about the music, not the shows. Well mostly.

Lately I’ve been really enjoying listening to covers of various anime songs on YouTube, where such persons as Jonathan Young, Amalee, and NateWantsToBattle. Like most cover artists, they put their own spin on the songs they do, but they also translate the originally Japanese lyrics into English so we can understand them. For the most part, they translate faithfully, distorting as little as possible. It’s good stuff.

These songs have really appealed to me in the last few months. Probably because of the way most of the songs are about achieving goals and overcoming hardships. I’m really into that type of stuff lately.

I don’t actually anything else to say, so I’ll just leave you with embeds of a few personal favourites. (Below the fold, AutoPlay should be off)

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