One Day…

New category for random weird thoughts which aren’t as coherent as I usually prefer. The content within will just be aimless musings with no particular rhyme or reason. Needless to say, though I’ll say it anyway, this is of no real value and you can just skip it if you like.

One day I will be on my bed and just lay there, relaxing. The night will turn to day, but I will ignore it and just stay as still as I please because it is raining heavily and that is a good time to be in bed. Most probably I will be alone in my bed, because I usually am. But that is ok, because I will be happy.

Eventually I will tire of the stillness, and besides I will want breakfast, so I will finally get out of bed. I may fix the sheets, or I may not. It doesn’t matter, because I will be the only person who knows the difference, and I don’t mind as long as the sheets are clean. And so, I will leave my bed.

I will do the usual things we do as humans and clean my teeth and make myself presentable before going to the kitchen. Even though I have no one to present myself to, I will still enjoy getting a little dressed up. Just for the sake of my own amusement.

What to eat? Perhaps just some oatmeal and my usual cup of black coffee. Or perhaps eggs and toast with that same cup of coffee. No matter, as long as the coffee is strong and bitter, the actual meal can vary a bit. It will be fine.

So I will have my breakfast, and I will go to my sofa and sit. There I will enjoy my time apart from the world, until it sees fit to reassert itself. And it will. It always does. None can be allowed to simply be content on their own by this busy thing we call life. But it will be fine. These things will not bother me any more.

And as the young ones so full of vigor and importance come to remind me that I need to be doing something, I will smile and ask what is so troubling to them that they feel the need to ask me of all people. And they will tell me some of their troubles and I will think that it is not so bad. Certainly it is not preferable, but I will have seen this before and I will tell them as much. They may listen or they may not. It is up to them. In any event, time for lunch.

I will take some money and go out to eat. I will not feel like doing dishes that day. And so I will go somewhere I remember, with the type of food I enjoy. Perhaps Indian? Or Greek? It could even just be a simple burger joint. Whatever, I shall sit with my meal and enjoy it at my own pace. As I sit, I will observe the many busy people around me, always going to and fro making the world turn for those of us who have grown tired of running.

And as I watch, some of them look to me with strange looks in their eyes as if they don’t know why I’m there. It should be obvious, I will think, that I want to eat! So I will pass my afternoon, watching them as they watch me.

Night begins to fall, and I’ve had my fill of being in the town for the day. So I head home, and read some old book no one is interested in anymore. Perhaps Artemis Fowl or Harry Potter. As I slowly turn the pages I will be reminded of why I like these things.

Of course now it is becoming the time for dinner, so I fix myself something simple. Just a bit of grilled chicken and some salad, perhaps desert as well. Then I will watch some old show to unwind the evening and close out the day. Maybe play a game for a while to show the kids how it’s done. Or maybe to be shown by the kids. Oh well. It’s still a good time.

As I prepare for bed I will think back on the days when I was a young man with much to accomplish. I will know then what I need to know now, but have no way to send it back to me today. That day, however, I will just remember this thought and laugh. After all, it turned out fine.

I will lay in my bed, alone as I usually am, listening to the raindrops upon the roof. I will think about how peaceful it is, and how nice it is to sleep on a rainy night just listening to the rhythm. This little pleasure is all I need to start on my journey into slumber.

One day, I will be an old man.

Yep so thanks for reading! I have no clue wtf that was, but I wrote it so… I dunno.

Let me know what you think, ok? I really wanna know if you wanna see more of these weird thoughts in my head or if I should just stick to the weeklies and opinion pieces.

Thanks again!

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