Farewell Spring!

What’s this! A life update? But I thought we weren’t doing those anymore!

You thought wrong. We are doing them, they just won’t be angsty like before. They’ll be a new kind of angsty! 😉

But seriously, this is a life update.

The semester has finally ended, and I’m free!*

*freedom lasts roughly three weeks, during which many domestic tasks will need to be completed.


That song… I just really feel it, y’know? It describes me to a T lately. Well, kind of. Maybe I just like the beat? Honestly the original is better, but this cover is awesome and Caleb Hayes does some damn fine work.

Yup so now that I’m caught up on papers and my exams are done, that’s it! I’m finally done with this tyre fire of a semester and I’m not gonna miss it one tiny bit!

Except the various study groups.

They were awesome.

Fortunately, I’ll see most of them again across summer and autumn, so happiness will resume then.

In the meantime though, I’ve got a lot of house stuff with which to deal. Cleaning, arranging, sorting. The usual spring cleaning type activities, just delayed a bit since I was so busy with school. Several rooms are messy, and I don’t even wanna think about the closets. I’ll definitely have plenty to do before summer classes start…

The worst of it will be the yard work though, as it’s been neglected for quite a while. The only thing I did consistently was mow the grass and now it’s pretty bad. I don’t actually care, but rules are rules so I’ve gotta fix it before someone complains.

Even more imminently, Mother’s Day is upon us! Fortunately I’ve already got that handled as I ordered a nice gift long ago and set up a couple of little surprises. The way my mum is I doubt she’ll be completely satisfied with any of it, but eh, I tried so there’s that. As long as no one else decides to cause a fuss, it should be a pretty peaceful day. She’s got to study for her own exams, so it honestly shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

As far as school itself goes, well I’m just awaiting the various final grades to be determined. One is already in and I did ok. Better than I thought, actually, but I’d always like to do better. For the others, well I hope it’ll be quick, that’s all I’m saying. I’ve gotta talk to the school people (advisor or something) about a mix up with my credits, as it says I’ve got the pre-requisits to take a class I need, but when I go to sign up the systems thinks I don’t. So I’ll have a chat with them and get it sorted sometime in the next week or so.

Let’s see, what else what else… Oh, gaming!

I bought God of War (2018) during the week and it came on Friday so I’ve been playing a bit of that. It’s good, but I wonder about the camera work in some places. It’s a little to close in combat sometimes, and I feel that it makes battles with several enemies tougher than they should be given how good the actual gameplay is. Still, it’s a delight and the scenery is beautiful.

Immortal Redneck also came out on Switch and I picked that up on recommendation from… the internet. It’s a lot of fun and pretty chill for just relaxing and shooting stuff! I like the art style being a little cartoony (even if the language isn’t), and the enemies not all being grotesque monstrosities. Also the frogs are a great reference to Serious Sam and I get crippling anxiety every time I hear them! So yeah, good times.


Anime! I don’t have much to say in this regard. I got to ep 135 of Naruto and am trying to decide if I’m going to skip the others and go straight to Shippuden or watch them out now. I’ll definitely watch the rest at some point, but right now I’m leaning towards skipping up to Shippuden. I also got (mostly) caught up with My Hero Academia, which is always super cool. I wonder what All Might is up to while all this is happening at the training camp? Could there be big troubles elsewhere, or is he just stuck doing paperwork? 😛

That, em, that’s it for now I think.

No other interesting things are popping into my head right now…

Maybe– no that’s not interesting.

Yeah, that’s all I’ve got for now. Thanks for reading! See you later guys.

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