Yo, a few updates

Hey buddy, it’s been a while but we’ve gotta have a little chat. It’s ok, nothing too bad, but it’s kinda important. See, things are gonna be a little different around here from now on.

If you’ve been following, or frankly even if you’re new, you’ve probably noticed that a fairly large number of posts are password-protected. This is not gonna be the norm overall, it’s just I said some things I’d rather not delete, but would also rather not have found by people I know in real life just in case this blog finds its way back to them. If you wanna see what’s in ’em, just send me a message and I’ll probably let you in. Don’t worry, it’s nothing too exciting.

This, however, also brings us to an important point regarding the general content of this blog going forward:

  1. Most of the life posts from now on will likely be protected as well
  2. There should be a lot more non-life (and so unprotected) posts coming
Why is this happening? Simple: I use this blog both to express my relatively composed thoughts on various subject as well as vent about things going on in my life. As a result, it gets pretty messy and disorganised. This is fine, but going into 2019 I really want to focus on the more sensible content I can create rather than on just whining about my life.

Ok, so why not just private the posts and go all content? I still want to do some life blogging, and I don’t intend for all of them to need passwords to get in. Additionally, there are a few people who I do want to be able to just come over and look at what I’d said since it does a lot to explain who I am and why, I just don’t want it flowing freely around the internet anymore.

That’s where my head is right now. I am going through some stuff at the moment, so the very next post will most likely be another life post, very likely password-protected, however that doesn’t mean there’s not other safer content coming! I’ve got a lot of stuff related to video games and movies in particular planned, as well as some stuff about anime, so look forward to it!

Thanks for bearing with me and for continuing to read, I’ll see you guys later!

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