Higher Education Part 2: It IS about Learning, Right?

We’ve all been there: You’re just hanging out with some buddies, but when you get to the club, one of them asks, “Who was Franz Ferdinand?”. You give it your best guess and say they’re a Scottish band, but no, he meant the guy who’s assassination started WWI. History class was a while ago though. No big deal, you think, but then the same friend blocks you from going inside because you answered wrong. You try again, but now he’s got a new question! After a few goes, he tells you that you’ve run out of attempts and must stay outside.


You say that’s never happened to you because there’s no reason that forgetting your history class should stop you from going to a club? Huh.

Moving right along at a good pace but not so quickly as to draw additional attention, this second entry into my rants about higher education will focus mainly on that most hated of courses: gatekeeper course, or unnecessarily punishing courses. This isn’t about courses with difficult subject matter, such as computer science and advanced mathematics. Rather, it’s about courses that should be more doable than they are. Everyone going to college is going to take a few of these, but why do they exist at all?

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Higher Education Part 1: of Homework and Exams

Show of hands, who likes endless homework and cryptic exams?

No takers? Thought not. No one likes those things. They waste time and just make you wish crappy jobs paid better so you could stick with them. And yet, it seems just about every teacher at four-year colleges thinks this is the best way to teach. Why though? It’s not like it makes life any easier on them, they (or TAs) have still got to grade them after all. Huge waste for everyone.

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Anime openings but in ENGLISH

OK SO I figured out what to make the next post. Yay me! I figured we should start light, with something generally enjoyable and not, you know, depressing ridiculousness. (There’ll be plenty of that later)

You like anime, right? Eh? No? Oh…well that’s ok. You might still like this, since it’s about the music, not the shows. Well mostly.

Lately I’ve been really enjoying listening to covers of various anime songs on YouTube, where such persons as Jonathan Young, Amalee, and NateWantsToBattle. Like most cover artists, they put their own spin on the songs they do, but they also translate the originally Japanese lyrics into English so we can understand them. For the most part, they translate faithfully, distorting as little as possible. It’s good stuff.

These songs have really appealed to me in the last few months. Probably because of the way most of the songs are about achieving goals and overcoming hardships. I’m really into that type of stuff lately.

I don’t actually anything else to say, so I’ll just leave you with embeds of a few personal favourites. (Below the fold, AutoPlay should be off)

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Gonna give this one more go

OH HAI! How are you?

Call me Kahlil. I’m a student with a decent but grind-ey job in a warehouse, where no one really tries as hard as they should but it all works out ok in the end. I like watching TV and movies, listening to music, reading books and comics, playing video games, and learning about new things. I also like chatting with people, but only people I like. Yes, I’m picky, but you probably already know that.

See, I figure if you’re reading this, I probably already know you online or in person. If you know me in real life (only one or two of you), welcome! You’ve discovered a place where you’ll learn many new things about me, most of which will bemuse and terrify you.

If followed me here from other parts of the web, welcome! This will be more of what you probably have come to expect from me.

I tend to be very reserved in person, and try not to shove my foot too far down my throat at any one time. As a result, I usually have a lot I don’t say to the people I care about. This blog should be a reasonable place to articulate those things properly, without the pressure and fears I might otherwise allow to stop me. If you think something I write here is about you, there’s a decent chance you’re right. DO NOT be afraid to ask me directly about something I write here, I will answer and honestly.

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