What do I do next?


Hey peeps, how’s it going? Normally when I post I just kinda go on a rant with all the random stuff I’d been thinking about since the last post. I’ve had a pretty large amount to say, and I just went ahead and didn’t even bother to think first. This time will be (a little) different, since I’m not so interested in whining about my life as I am about changing it.

Regarding music, I dunno. I’m vacillating between more anime tracks and… something else, so I’ll just do both (one’s in the full post)!

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Haha lol I thought I would post more often!

Hello irl friends, internet amigos, and complete strangers! Kinda looks like monthly is gonna be the trend with me, yeah? I’ve (finally) got some stuff on my mind and have been drinking (lightly) so it’s definitely time for an update!

Hi. This is me from the day after I wrote this. Still gonna publish. Also this is your angst warning. I’m gonna rant about my life a bit and it’s gonna be vague and cringey and take you back to crappy early 2000s era blog days.

The music which has been colouring my life lately is… more varied than usual. I’ll stick to just two of the more normal ones, but if you guys want to know what the others are just say so and make a separate post with the whole long list and explanations of each.

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Weird Dreams Last Night

Oh hai! It’s been forever and a half (actually about a month) since my last post, but I promise I have been writing! I’ve got several drafts right now because I keep having ideas, writing about them, then abandoning them for other new ideas. 😜

Anyway, that’s not what we’re here to discuss. No, this one is a life-related post (about dreams I had last night), so it’ll actually go up in a timely fashion. But first, since this is a life post, music above the fold!

Anime covers? Again? Of course! Who ya think I be? Anyway it’s a good summer song.

Full disclosure: I’ve never actually watched Dragon Ball Super. (Don’t hate me… At least not for that.)

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Farewell Spring!

What’s this! A life update? But I thought we weren’t doing those anymore!

You thought wrong. We are doing them, they just won’t be angsty like before. They’ll be a new kind of angsty! 😉

But seriously, this is a life update.

The semester has finally ended, and I’m free!*

*freedom lasts roughly three weeks, during which many domestic tasks will need to be completed.


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Something I had on twitter earlier

This is gonna be one of those thoughts posts where it doesn’t make sense. If you’ve got an idea about what this stuff means, please comment below.

I watched a fire burn until it died out. There was still plenty of burnable fuel, but the fire had completely used up the oxygen.

It still tried to burn. The embers glowed pathetically and the odd spark flickered, but there was no way to regain its fiery might.

The most direct route is an easy one to follow, so sometimes one must take a detour to maintain privacy along the way.

Seeing the trails others have walked and knowing the path they took are different things unless you have done the same.

These were on twitter earlier, but I decided to move them here instead. It just felt right.