Future direction for this blog

Hey y’all. I’m back once again with no clear or obvious issues reason for posting! I do want to properly revive this site though. I still pay for the hosting, after all.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to do with this blog going forward, and I can’t quite seem to decide. I’ve got a few unfinished drafts sitting in the box for what’s become years and I just don’t know what to do with them. I still have interest in talking about the ideas in them, I just don’t know if I can finish them or do them justice. I do intend to try, but that doesn’t mean they’ll actually turn up any time soon.

Quarantine and such have given me a lot of time to consider more creative projects I’m interested in doing, so I thought I’d make this kind of a base for that. The main thing I know I want to do is to try writing a few short stories. I have some ideas that I’ve been sitting on for a very long time, and I think I’ve finally got the time and mind space to actually make a go of it. I don’t know when I intend to post my first piece, but I hope for it to be soon (by my weird standards).

Next, I really want to just rant and talk about different ideas and thoughts that come to me. These won’t be entirely coherent, and I don’t know how much I’ll express actual opinions in them. I just think it’s interesting to talk about these ideas in an open and clear way. I’m not trying to ruffle any feathers by the way, so I’ll probably have disclaimers and vague titles to try and mitigate any impression that I just want clicks or something.

Last, I want to get feedback! I’ll probably link this blog to some of my socials and such, and try to promote a little so people have a chance to interact and we can have conversations and in the case of stories maybe I can become a little better at writing! Maybe. Who knows, maybe I’m hopeless lol. Either way, I want this to be fun and engaging, not super serious like so much of the world is today. I will touch on serious topics, and I do want to have serious discussions, but I don’t want hate or divisiveness to become what defines them. I want us to talk and learn together.

Ok, that’s enough from me for now! We’ll see where I go with this… next thing probably won’t be a story, but maybe a discussion piece.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

RE2 is sooo good you guys

So as the header image suggests, I went and got my copy of Resident Evil 2 on Friday. Yes, I pre-ordered and yes I’m part of the problem. Anyway, I got home, started playing immediately (well, after install and update) and was instantly captivated. Even on Xbox One S, because I’m too cheap to buy an X, the game looks amazing and runs really smoothly. I know it’s technically a remake, but it’s so good at what it does that I’m just taking it on it’s own merits entirely. I started playing Leon first and on normal difficulty and it’s just incredible so far.

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The reviews are great and OH GOD JUST GIVE ME RESIDENT EVIL 2 ALREADY!

In just a few short hours we’ll all be able to get our hands on what’s probably the most important Resident Evil release in several years. Yes, yes, there was Resident Evil VII and it was big and anticipated and really good, but it was a bit rough rough in places and very experimental overall. This, on the other hand, is about updating one of the most successful games in the entire franchise and showing that the ideas the series was built on are still valid and interesting to the current generation. Based on the reception so far, they’ve done an incredible job of it too!

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Z Nation vs The Walking Dead

Eh? I’m late to this party and should have talked about it over three years ago when Z Nation first started? Heh, maybe true, but whatever. I’m here now and I’m doing it today.


I’m not going to bury the lead this time: I prefer Z Nation to The Walking Dead. Unpopular opinion? Perhaps. I suspect, however, that it’s less unpopular than it was one year ago, or two, or three. Ratings for The Walking Dead have been falling steadily, and the plot has spent the last few seasons perfecting the art of filling a whole broadcast hour without actually moving forward. Seems to me, The Walking Dead is starting to lose steam.

Below, I’m going to compare the shows in a few different areas. I’ll try to be fair, but we both already know what the end result is going to be. I still watch them both, so I would like to see TWD recover, but in the meantime…well, read on.

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Higher Education Part 4: Pay to Park

Ok this ones an actual rant. As in: “I’m barely gonna try to make sense as if I do normally but whatever even punctuation is optional when you’re this irked by something”, kinda thing.

As if it wasn’t a little obvious, the subject this time is for-pay parking on college campuses. Specifically, the fact that students often have to pay fairly steep rates alongside their tuition if they actually wanna make it to class. Yes I know other places (like some workplaces) have paid parking too. This still bugs me.

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Higher Education Part 3: Non-Traditional Problems

Hey, thinking of going back to school? Or are just a little late getting there in the first place? That’s ok. I’m the same! I took a few more gap years than I probable should have and have a good bit older than most of my classmates. Just, ah, lemme give you a quick word of warning: if you’ve got a life, this place really isn’t built for you.

Why not? Dunno, probably they’re just catering to the majority of their population, but the reality is that, unless you go a school or campus which specifically is designed for older students, the whole system is designed to fit exactly one type of lifestyle. Meet me below the fold and I’ll tell you about my experience.

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Higher Education Part 2: It IS about Learning, Right?

We’ve all been there: You’re just hanging out with some buddies, but when you get to the club, one of them asks, “Who was Franz Ferdinand?”. You give it your best guess and say they’re a Scottish band, but no, he meant the guy who’s assassination started WWI. History class was a while ago though. No big deal, you think, but then the same friend blocks you from going inside because you answered wrong. You try again, but now he’s got a new question! After a few goes, he tells you that you’ve run out of attempts and must stay outside.


You say that’s never happened to you because there’s no reason that forgetting your history class should stop you from going to a club? Huh.

Moving right along at a good pace but not so quickly as to draw additional attention, this second entry into my rants about higher education will focus mainly on that most hated of courses: gatekeeper course, or unnecessarily punishing courses. This isn’t about courses with difficult subject matter, such as computer science and advanced mathematics. Rather, it’s about courses that should be more doable than they are. Everyone going to college is going to take a few of these, but why do they exist at all?

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Higher Education Part 1: of Homework and Exams

Show of hands, who likes endless homework and cryptic exams?

No takers? Thought not. No one likes those things. They waste time and just make you wish crappy jobs paid better so you could stick with them. And yet, it seems just about every teacher at four-year colleges thinks this is the best way to teach. Why though? It’s not like it makes life any easier on them, they (or TAs) have still got to grade them after all. Huge waste for everyone.

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Gonna give this one more go

OH HAI! How are you?

Call me Kahlil. I’m a student with a decent but grind-ey job in a warehouse, where no one really tries as hard as they should but it all works out ok in the end. I like watching TV and movies, listening to music, reading books and comics, playing video games, and learning about new things. I also like chatting with people, but only people I like. Yes, I’m picky, but you probably already know that.

See, I figure if you’re reading this, I probably already know you online or in person. If you know me in real life (only one or two of you), welcome! You’ve discovered a place where you’ll learn many new things about me, most of which will bemuse and terrify you.

If followed me here from other parts of the web, welcome! This will be more of what you probably have come to expect from me.

I tend to be very reserved in person, and try not to shove my foot too far down my throat at any one time. As a result, I usually have a lot I don’t say to the people I care about. This blog should be a reasonable place to articulate those things properly, without the pressure and fears I might otherwise allow to stop me. If you think something I write here is about you, there’s a decent chance you’re right. DO NOT be afraid to ask me directly about something I write here, I will answer and honestly.

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